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ADHD Coaching and Education

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ADHD Parent Education

Do you want to learn more about ADHD?

Let us help you figure out the puzzle.

The more you know about ADHD and how it may affect your child, the more you can advocate for them in school and in other settings. We use a strengths-based approach and provide you with the specifics on ADHD so you can advocate for your child in and out of school.  For a one-on-one training or if you are interested in a workshop, email 

Black and Brown Children with ADHD

Black and brown children with ADHD face unique challenges. Bias, inequity, and systemic racism present barriers to success for POC. Research shows that Black children are more likely to be punished in school than their white counterparts. It is important that parents, family members, and caregivers raising Black children understand ADHD and advocate for their children.

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ADHD Mind Map.png
ADHD Mind Map.png

ADHD Coaching and Training

Children with ADHD sometimes have executive function challenges, emotional dysregulation, struggle with transitions, difficulty meeting timelines and challenges following directions. We offer ADHD Parent Coaching and Training based on the goals and objectives that you set. We show you how to adopt and implement a strength-based approach to helping children with ADHD. For a free 15-minute consultation email

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ADHD is often framed in terms of its negatives. And although living with ADHD can be a challenge, the condition also confers many advantages. People with ADHD often have high levels of passion, drive, and creative thinking. The discussion will include ideas about how parents can focus on the strengths of children with ADHD and start seeing them as superpowers.


  • Dr. Margaret Sibley, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine and author of Parent-Teen Therapy for Executive Function Deficits and ADHD: Building Skills and Motivation

  • Rhashidah Perry-Jones, MPA
    Parent educator and Board Member of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

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René Brooks continues her stint as guest host of Distraction during ADHD Awareness Month! Today’s episode is the third and final part of a conversation René had with ADHD advocates: Rhashidah Perry-Jones, founding coordinator of CHADD in PhiladelphiaNathalie Thandiwae, a neurodiversity resource navigator who helps parents identify and support their child’s unmet needs; and Dr. Loucresie Rupert, a child and adult psychiatrist who focuses on neurodiversity, as well as foster care and adoption.

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Rhashidah Perry-Jones, MPA, is an award-winning writer, communications strategist and parent education and coach. She is vice president and chief communications officer at SELF, Inc., a human services organization providing emergency and permanent supportive services and housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. Through her firm RPJ Global Enterprises, Rhashidah and her team design integrated communications and engagement strategies to help businesses and nonprofits deepen client relationships and connect with diverse communities. And through Lit Coaching, Rhashidah helps individuals and families create the lives they want through personal development. As a parent educator and coach her focus is providing strategies for family members raising children with ADHD.

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